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NFL Betting Strategies: Soft Spots

With week 15 about to get underway, teams everywhere are looking at the schedule. Some teams are looking for the end of the season to get here, while other teams are getting ready for big games that could decide their playoff fate or divisional titles.

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NFL Upset of the Week: Week 15

The Buffalo Bills started off the season as sweetheart picks to make the playoffs and even had an outside shot at the Super Bowl. Fast forward 15 weeks and they are headed towards another early pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The team is loaded with talent and they have some explosive players like running back CJ Spiller, but will not make the playoffs this season.

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NFL Betting Trends Week 15

The professional handicapper will use every tool that can bring money to the bank and that includes football betting trends. In Week 15 of the football season there are several trends that point out some solid information that every handicapper should have.

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NFL Odds Week 15: Look at the Opening Numbers

In week 15 the professional handicappers are at work early as the odds hit the big boards in the Vegas sportsbooks. Here are a few of the games that have some interesting opening numbers.

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Experience Live In Game Betting

It is the best time of year to bet on football. The bowl season is almost here and the NFL playoffs are right around the corner. There is nothing better than betting on football and taking in a game, but we live in a new modern age and the way we bet on football is changing.

When it comes to revolutionizing the sports betting industry, bookmaker.eu is leading the way. Bookmaker.eu offers the latest and great in sports betting vehicles. Their newest and most entertaining option is live in game betting.

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NFL Week 14 Consensus Report: Fading the Public

Late in the season the public has already made their mind up of what teams are good and what teams are not. They show what teams they like by betting on them early and often in the week. In Week 14 the public is already picking what team they think deserves the money.

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NFL Week 14 Trends: End of Season trends

Week 14 in the NFL is a transition week for many teams as they try and decide if they will be in the post season or planning for the NFL draft. That is the focus when handicapping games this late in the season. Although the league is in transition, NFL trends still play a vital role and will reveal situations that otherwise could be missed.

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NFL Week 14 Injury Report

When it comes to betting on football there is no piece of information as crucial as the injury report. The injury report lists in detail the players that are banged up heading into the week. One player could make all the difference on the field as teams can suffer a super setback without a pivotal player on the field.

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NFL Football Betting Strategies: Going Deep

The NFL season is winding down and some teams have to gear up and win every single game left on their schedule if they hope to make the playoffs while other teams have already locked in a playoff spot and will be coasting for the rest of the season.

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College Football Betting Strategies: Shop Around

The term “Shop around” is not well known in most betting circles, but all professionals know exactly what it means. The term quite simply refers to line shopping or getting the best betting line on the team that you like for a certain game. This is important for any given week of college football or the NFL for the matter, but when it comes to this week in college football it has never been more important.

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