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  • JULY 18TH, 2012

    2012 Big Ten Football Odds and Prediction

    NCAA Football 2012 Conference Betting Previews- Big TenThe addition of Nebraska last season gave the Big Ten 12 teams and allowed the formation of the Legends and Leaders Divisions and first ever conference title game. Everything remains intact for 2012 despite the whirlwind of conference realignment with several of the other major and mid-major conferen.....

  • JULY 27TH, 2011

    2011 Big Ten Conference Preview Odds and Prediction

    It will be an expanded version of the Big Ten in 2011 with the addition of Nebraska to the ranks. The Cornhuskers defection from the Big 12 not only raises the total number of teams in this conference to 12, it sets the stage for two divisions within the Big Ten, the Leaders and Legends. It also creates, for the first time ever, a conference championship gam.....

  • JUNE 24TH, 2011

    2011 – 2012 Big Ten Conference Video Preview

    The Big Ten will be looking to bounce back from an abysmal bowl season, picking up just three victories courtesy of The Ohio State Buckeyes, Iowa Hawkeyes and Illinois Fighting Illini. The league also suffered two devastating defeats courtesy of the SEC in bowl games, Michigan lost 52-14 to Mississippi State and Michigan State was blown out 49-7 to Alab.....