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  • AUGUST 30TH, 2012

    NFL Values on Over/Under Total Wins by Joe D’Amico

    Hello sports fans, Joe D'Amico here. We are on the eve of yet another Pro Football campaign. As each year passes, NFL Future Wagers grow in popularity. One such Future is wagering on a Team's Total Wins. I personally like my money where it belongs, in my pocket. I prefer to play strong on a specific game and have my winnings back as soon as possible. However.....

  • AUGUST 30TH, 2012

    NFL Odds to Win it All by Joe D’Amico

    Hey guys, the Big Game Hunter is here to lay down the odds to win the Super Bowl just for you. As expected, some teams are favored while some odds may surprise you. In any case, here are the odds to win the 2013 Pro Football Championship: Packers     4-1Patriots     4-149ers         6-1Saints        7-1Broncos    7-.....