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Regaw Rants June 2nd

Out of the playoffs and out of class: After getting ousted and upset by the Orlando Magic last week, Lebron James walked off the court without shaking hands with any members of the Magic. The next day he commented on it and said he walked out because he wants to win and he is a competitor. Not so fast Lebron, this move to me shows a lack of class. Your one of the more prominent stars in the NBA and with apologies to Charles Barkley, you are a role model. Everyone wants to win and some more than others, but that does not mean there is not room for sportsmanship. Walking out and not shaking hands is a sign of very poor sportsmanship and an insult to the Orlando Magic and what they have accomplished this season. When Cleveland stomped the Hawks and the Pistons, Lebron hung around to shake hands, but I am sure he wanted to win just as much then as he did when he faced Orlando. If your disappointed with a loss go in the locker room and smash a locker or scream at your teammates but there is no need for a public display of a lack of sportsmanship. I would hope that with all of the unneeded media scrutiny this will not happen again in the future, but that question remains unanswered and instead is replaced with another question. Where will King James play next year? Stay tuned for that answer.

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