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St Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals Game 3 Pick

Someone will be taking a 2-1 series lead into the fourth game of the NLDS on Wednesday afternoon, and the two teams that will be duking it out in Game 3 for MLB betting fans will be the Washington Nationals and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cards can’t really feel good about their prospects of taking two out of three here in DC, but at least they struck most recently when they put up a whopping 12 run in a romp of the Nationals two nights ago.

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Game 3: Detroit Tigers vs Oakland Athletics Picks

Home field advantage has held up thus far in the first two MLB betting battles of the ALDS, and tonight, the Oakland Athletics have to hope that that continues when they take on the Detroit Tigers, or their season will come to a crashing halt.

The Tigers knew what they had to do in the first two games of this series, and they did just that.

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Game 3: San Francisco Giants vs Cincinnati Reds Pick

The Cincinnati Reds can become the first team in the bigs to punch their ticket to the league championship series on Tuesday afternoon for MLB betting action, as they try to close out the San Francisco Giants in Game 2 of the NLDS.

San Francisco knows that its task is virtually impossible, and it has to win today if it has a shot of extending its season for at least one more game.

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Game 2: Washington Nationals vs St Louis Cardinals Picks

The fourth day of MLB postseason betting action starts on Columbus Day at Busch Stadium, where the St. Louis Cardinals look to avoid an 0-2 hole to the upstart Washington Nationals.

If you want to know what the Nationals are all about this year, just go back to Sunday and look at a tape of Game 1. It was a terrible outing for Gio Gonzalez, who walked seven batters and had no clue where the strike zone was, and the bats had nothing at all going for the majority of seven innings.

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Game 2: NY Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles Pick

Those pesky Baltimore Orioles are back for MLB betting action on Monday night in Camden Yards, where they will be taking on the New York Yankees in what very well could be a must win game if they have any hope of saving their season

The Yankees did what they had to do last night, taking down the O’s in front of a very excited crowd in Baltimore.

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Game 1: NY Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles Picks

For the first time in baseball history, two teams in the same division will face off in the ALDS, as the Baltimore Orioles take on the New York Yankees at Camden Yards.

New York has to be a bit surprised that it is in this situation coming to Baltimore instead of going to Arlington for the first game of the postseason, but the truth of the matter is that it didn’t change anything that Manager Joe Girardi was going to do.

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Game 1: Washington Nationals vs St Louis Cardinals Pick

The Washington Nationals play their first playoff game in their second ever playoff series in franchise history on Sunday afternoon at Busch Stadium in Game 1 of the NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Nats had the best record in baseball this year with 98 wins, and they are going to try to prove that they can get the job as the World Series winners. It’s going to take 11 victories to do that, and the man that gets the first chance to do that is Gio Gonzalez.

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Game 1: Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigers Picks

The main portion of the MLB betting playoffs kicks off on Saturday night in Motown, where the Detroit Tigers hope to claim Game 1 of the ALDS against the Oakland Athletics.

It’s still amazing to think that Oakland is here in the playoffs as the No. 2 seed and the winners of the AL West. It was a remarkable comeback to get to this point, but now, every team is 0-0, and the A’s are clearly the team that lack the most experience and likely the most talent as well. Jarrod Parker gets the ball to start off this series, and he, like so many of the other Oakland pitchers, are about to embark upon the biggest games of their careers.

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Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giants Game 1 Pick

The pivotal Game 1 of the NLDS takes place on Saturday night for MLB betting fans, as the Cincinnati Reds face off with the San Francisco Giants.

The Reds are the higher seed in this game, but Manager Dusty Baker really has to be upset that his team is going to have to start on the road in San Francisco, a place that he used to manage. Baker nearly got the Giants a World Series in 2002, and he hopes that this trip to the playoffs is better than the last time his Reds were here.

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Baltimore Orioles vs Texas Rangers Pick

The second ever Wild Card playoff game takes place at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Friday night, where the Texas Rangers will hope to dispose of the Baltimore Orioles once and for all.

The O’s were the team to watch over the course of the season. They were just a lot of fun and refreshing. Sure, a lot of what they accomplished was just pure luck, but it was a team that had some grit and won a ton of close games (not to mention going 16-2 in extra innings).

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