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  • JULY 19TH, 2012

    RV: 2012 MLB If your going on the road, You need to take a Rubber

    The Dogs days of summer are fast approaching as divisional races take form and the trade deadline looms, as we scour the various angles and trends to get that edge in the final two plus months of baseball, we come across an often unexplored series angle. The Rubber game, which for those who don't know is the final game of a 3 game series in which the first t.....

  • MAY 30TH, 2012

    Are The Umpires Held Accountable For Their Actions During MLB Games?

    In the world of professional sports, the only men who keep the star athletes in check during a game tend to be the officials. Where the athletes have to talk to the media and explain their actions before and after games, the decisions made by the officials never seem to come into question. But why is that? From a sports betting perspective, officials and in .....