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Worst Money Pitchers in Baseball (Updated 5/7/13)

Most starting pitchers that have stayed in their rotations all season long now have six or so starts under their belts, so now is the time that we can really start to quantify how they’re all doing. This is an article you’re definitely going to want to read, as it will go over all of the worst money pitchers on the MLB odds this season.

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Worst Money Pitchers in Baseball (Updated 4/16/13)

They say that the best bettors in the world are the ones that are smart enough to fade themselves. Losing 55% of your games can be just as profitable as winning 55%. Today, we’re going to look at some of the pitchers that have put the biggest dents in your bankroll in MLB betting action that you might be wise to fade the next time their spot comes up in the rotation.

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Best Money Pitchers in Baseball (Updated 4/10/13)

The 2013 MLB season has featured a lot of great pitching performances thus far this season. Take a look at some of the best arms in the bigs for your bankroll on the MLB odds.

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MLB Power Poll – Top Money Teams in Baseball

Listed below are the best teams for baseball betting fans this year. Just because your team isn’t winning the most games doesn’t mean that they aren’t making you the most money!

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5 Dimes Reduced Juice and Dime lines

5 Dimes is arguably the best sportsbook in the online gaming industry today. They have achieved this lofty notification due to the fact that they have stood the test of time and have become the leader in sports betting over the many decades they have been in the business.

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