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NFL Betting Strategies: Throwing in the Towel

It is the point in the NFL season where certain teams are just waiting for the season to wind down so they can get it over with. Several of these teams were on display in Week 15 and if a handicapper can point them out it will turn into a big payday into the future.

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NFL Betting Strategies: Soft Spots

With week 15 about to get underway, teams everywhere are looking at the schedule. Some teams are looking for the end of the season to get here, while other teams are getting ready for big games that could decide their playoff fate or divisional titles.

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NFL Football Betting Strategies: Going Deep

The NFL season is winding down and some teams have to gear up and win every single game left on their schedule if they hope to make the playoffs while other teams have already locked in a playoff spot and will be coasting for the rest of the season.

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NFL Betting Strategies Week 10: Finding False Favorites

Every week of the NFL season a new betting strategy is revealed showing handicappers new ways to approach betting on football. These strategies may not be constant and some are good for one week, but the big picture is that they want to make money. In week 10 of the NFL season one betting strategy stands out from the rest and that strategy is finding false favorites.

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NFL Betting Strategy Week 8: Division Play deserves special attention

The NFL betting strategies tend to change over the course of the season. This is common and a mistake that most handicappers often commit is that they do not change their strategies. As the season changes and the teams change the strategies must change along with them.

One thing that is constant is that teams elevate their play when playing in division.

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NFL Betting Strategies Wek 7: Bye-Bye Week

Every week at bang the book.com we like to look at certain strategies in the NFL and see what angles will benefit the football bettor as the season works out. Week 6 teams were coming off a bye week and in the upcoming weeks more teams will be taking time off and then returning to play, but does the bye week help?

There is no doubt that the rest helps. Football is such a physical sport that any break is a good week and all rest is good rest. This is especially helpful for players who are banged up. For example the Carolina Panthers return to action in Week 7 against the Dallas Cowboys.

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NFL Betting Strategy Week 6

The Injury report is a very valuable handicapping tool and that is why every week here at Bang The Book we focus on writing up a injury report article that covers some of the big names that are hurt heading into the next week. This report can be used in more ways than one, which is where this week’s betting strategy comes into play.

Middling a bet in football basically, means betting both sides of a game and hoping that the number falls in the best making both sides a winner.

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NFL Betting Strategies Week 5: Home Sweet Home?

The NFL heads into Week 5 with several teams starting to separate from the pack as contenders and one of those teams is the San Francisco 49ers. After losing to the Minnesota Vikings, the 49ers traveled to the east coast to completely dismantle the New York Jets.

Now the San Francisco 49ers head home to host the Bills. The Bills were ambushed by a non-stop, high-octane New England offense that exploded in the second half on the way to a blowout of the Bills. The Bills have to regroup and attempt to lift their heads and spirits as the head to the west coast to battle San Francisco.

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NFL Betting Strategies Week 3

This year the NFL has been unpredictable. There are surprise teams and upsets as well as power house teams staking their claim to the championship. With that being said it is important to utilize betting strategies every week in hopes of identifying the recent trends that will point out a big winner in the NFL from week to week.

That is why every week we will post a winning betting strategy along with a selection that will increase your sports betting knowledge and put some money in your pocket.

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NFL Betting Strategy Week 2: Don’t believe the hype

The first week of the NFL was very exciting as plenty of story lines captivated the football audience, and that type of hype can spill over to the nfl betting odds. For that reason alone it is not important to …

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