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  • OCTOBER 13TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus Report Week 6 Pick

    NFL Consensus: Finding Winners with PercentagesThe NFL Consensus report is always a valuable handicapping tool and it reveals a few teams in Week 6 that are worth a wager. The key to using the consensus report is to go against the public. The perception in football betting is that teams do not win if the public is betting on them.So nowadays with in.....

  • SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus Week 3 Pick

    The NFL season is starting to take shape and as a handicapper it is important to gather information as the season progresses. The more information that a handicapper has the better they become at picking winners. One of the tools that is a must have for any serious handicapper is the consensus report showing what teams the public are betting on. If used prop.....

  • SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus Preview and Pick For Week 2

    When betting on football the consensus report has grown into a very valuable tool and that is why every week here at Bang the Book we will go over the consensus report for that particular week and pick out a game that stands out above the rest.In week two of the NFL the schedule has plenty of intriguing games that are highlighted. It starts on Thursday w.....