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NFL Injuries: The QB Headache Week 11

The NFL injuries for week 10 were bigger than usual. Every week in the NFL a player gets hurt, it’s unavoidable. The game is so physical it is eventually going to happen as players will always be in harm’s way.

However week 10 was much different as several quarterbacks went down with serious injuries that can actually alter the payoff picture in the long run.

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NFL Injuries Week 10: Reviewing the Bumps and Bruises

The NFL injury list should be the first place that a handicapper visits when looking for winners on any given week. Injuries can change the face of a team and adjust the betting odds.

Here is a look at a few of the key players that are banged up heading into week 10 that could change the betting odds, and reveal winners.

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NFL Injuries: Top Players Hurting After Week 6

When handicapping the NFL, injuries are something that cannot be overlooked. Football is such a physical sport it is eventually going to happen, big names and stars are going to get hurt and it will affect their team. The same thing happened in week 6 as several key players suffered big injuries.

Let’s start in Baltimore. The Ravens played a very physical game against the Dallas Cowboys and barely survived with a victory. The celebration will be short lived as the Ravens suffered a blow to their defensive unit.

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NFL Betting Injury Report Week 6

Injuries are common place and they happen week-to-week in the NFL and depending on the player, the injuries can change the face of a team. IN week 5 there were several injuries that made headlines and could easily affect the outcomes of games for Week 6. The injury that grabbed more attention than the injury to Redskin quarterback Robert Griffin III.

It had to happen sooner or later. Redskin’s rookie QB RG3 plays with a youthful enthusiasm and attacks every play with a hard nose effort.

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NFL Week 9 Injury Report

Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has been ruled out for the NFL Week 9 home game against the NY Giants. Here’s the latest from BroburySports.com.

Hasselbeck suffered a concussion in last week’s 33-3 loss at Oakland. The 35-year-old has looked decent in the new Seattle offensive system with a 70.8 quarterback rating. However, going against the G-Men pass rush can get dangerous.

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