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  • OCTOBER 14TH, 2011

    NFL Upset of the Week – Week 6

    NFL Upsets Week Six: Look For Smaller Lines - Sponsored by BookmakerPicking upsets in the NFL is never easy, because week-to-week any team can beat another and this is where the term “Any Given Sunday” was born. Week five in the NFL was a perfect example of this as the New York Giants fell victim to the Seattle Seahawks and the biggest upset of the w.....

  • OCTOBER 1ST, 2011

    NFL Upset of the Week 4

    The Cincinnati Bengals beat up the Buffalo Bills in the week 4 NFL upsetThe NFL is filled with parody. On any given Sunday any team can beat one another. This is true again in week four where a few underdogs have the ability to take a bite out of their opposition. One team that has a very good chance to win is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals host the.....