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NFL Week 17 Consensus: Heavy Betting in Last Week

Unfortunately we have come to another end of a great NFL season. As we enter week 17 of the season there could be an increase in football wagering as people get one last full day of betting football in before the season comes to a close.

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NFL Week 14 Consensus Report: Fading the Public

Late in the season the public has already made their mind up of what teams are good and what teams are not. They show what teams they like by betting on them early and often in the week. In Week 14 the public is already picking what team they think deserves the money.

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College Football Consensus: Tracking the Championship Games

This week a lot will be decided as teams are playing for conference championship games. From the SEC Championship battle between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs to the Big 12 battle between Texas and Kansas State, a lot is on the line.

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College Football Consensus Picks Week 7

The College consensus report featuring the top games on the schedule for week 7 is a useful tool for handicapping all the great games. As expected the top games are very popular to bet on which provides a good barometer of where the public is betting for the upcoming weekend.

West Virginia jumped into the national spotlight with back-to-back big wins against Baylor and Texas and this weekend are just slim four point road chalk over Texas Tech.

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