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  • JULY 30TH, 2009

    Manny and Big Papi show up on the steroid user list from 2003

    It was reported today that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were two of the players that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003. This is big news because Manny and Ortiz were two big reasons that the Red Sox finally won a World Series after a long drought.According to the report, when David Ortiz was asked about the 2003 test, he responded: .....

  • JULY 2ND, 2009

    Rants about NBA Free Agents and is the Steroid era okay with the fans?

    Regaw Rants July 2ndRanting about NBA free agent rumors and why steroids are not that bad anymore.Today there is a press conference to introduce Shaquille O’Neal as the newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  This is a great move for the Cavaliers as they add a big man and another legitimate scoring threat to play with Lebron James.   This is one.....

  • JUNE 21ST, 2009

    Father’s Day Rants and A-Roid Hangover!

    Welcome to the Father’s Day rants! A hearty Happy Father’s Day to all Dads’ out there who deserve to have a great day! This edition of the rants will cover the incredible shrinking A-Rod, and the best father/son athletes of all time!This weekend the Yankees announced that A-Rod was getting a “rest” for a couple of games this week. It was announce.....