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  • DECEMBER 19TH, 2012

    NFL Betting Strategies: Throwing in the Towel

    It is the point in the NFL season where certain teams are just waiting for the season to wind down so they can get it over with. Several of these teams were on display in Week 15 and if a handicapper can point them out it will turn into a big payday into the future.Finding these teams is not always easy as sometimes a team you think will fall flat will s.....

  • DECEMBER 5TH, 2012

    NFL Football Betting Strategies: Going Deep

    The NFL season is winding down and some teams have to gear up and win every single game left on their schedule if they hope to make the playoffs while other teams have already locked in a playoff spot and will be coasting for the rest of the season.When betting on the rest of the NFL schedule it is time to look past the regular season matchups and go dee.....