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  • JUNE 18TH, 2009

    Stallworth gets punished, who wants Plaxico, and no love for McHale!

    The sports world always gives me plenty of things to rant about but this week they have gone the extra mile. This week I rant about Donte Stallworth and the commissioner, Plaxico Burress, and while Twitter is changing the sports world.It was announced today that NFL Commissioner Roger Godell will do what the justice system did not, punish Donte Stallwo.....

  • JUNE 15TH, 2009

    Riots over Lakers, SHaq, and the best game 7 ever!

    Last week two major championships were decided making for the end of a great week in sports.  This gave me plenty to rant about and it wasn’t hard to find some quality topics.  I am going to rant about how LA celebrates a title, discuss the best game seven ever and tell you why Shaq will win another ring.The Los Angeles Lakers won another title last .....