Uruguay vs. Italy Confederations Cup Picks

Matchup: Uruguay vs. Italy

Date/Time: June 30th, 12:00 p.m. ET

Television: ESPN3.com

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Asian Handicap: Uruguay pk (-125)

Total: 2.5 (Over -130)

Neither Uruguay nor Italy were able to ultimately make it all the way through the finale of the Confederations Cup, but both are going to be vying for third place on Sunday afternoon in the first of two massive fixtures when the two meet in the third place game of the tournament.

The Uruguayans were always good enough to take down Brazil, but they allowed a careless corner towards the end of the match that was buried with brilliance. The team defenders always had problems keeping up with the speed of the Brazilians, and that has been the one knock on this team throughout this tournament. However, we know that the firepower is there for Uruguay to ultimately do well in this match if it chooses to play at its best for the fixture. Remember that the goal scorer in the game for Uruguay, Edinson Cavani had a chance to win the match late on, but he just wasn’t able to get the ball to bounce to the right side of the net. Diego Forlan also had a chance at a penalty kick in the match that he wasn’t able to finish. Those are the types of mistakes that get you beaten in a match, especially when you’re playing against the host nation of such a big tournament.

Italy played its heart out on Thursday against Spain, and the argument could be made that it was the better of the two teams when push came to shove. The Italians certainly weren’t the more talented side in the match, but they were the side with more heart on this day. Christian Maggio was particularly sturdy all match long, and he had a chance to beat Iker Casillas early on but was denied. The first opportunity in extra time as well went to the Azzurri. Emanuele Giaccherini blasted the woodwork in the overtime period, and that proved to be Italy’s best shot at beating Casillas on this night. Six successive penalty takers in the shootout were able to score against Casillas, and credit should be given to Gianluigi Buffon for managing to keep his net clean for 120 consecutive minutes against one of the most talented sides that the world has ever seen. However, when push came to shove, he couldn’t stop any of the seven penalty kicks that he faced in the semifinals, and as a result, he and his mates are only playing for the consolation prize of third place instead of trying to claim the Confederations Cup against the hosts.

The Confederations Cup and the World Cup often produce higher scoring matches in these third place games thanks to the fact that both sides feel as though there is nothing to lose (in spite of the fact that, proportionately speaking, there is very little to gain either). The last four third place matches in these tournaments have combined to average 5.25 goals per game. We’re only asking for three.

Uruguay vs. Italy Pick: Over 2.5

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