College Football Betting Strategies: Don’t Play the Reputation of Big Conferences

The first week of college football has come and gone and it has been a great first week filled with upsets and great games. Week two of the college football season has plenty of good games on deck and a good chance to use a betting strategy.

Every week at we will discuss a winning strategy for each week and post a winning pick that is an example of that strategy.

In week two the theory is to not bet on a team based on the reputation of the conference. This happens more than one would think in college football.

The bigger conferences, most notably the SEC gets plenty of attention from the media outlets. Since these teams get the most attention they are the more popular bet.
College Football Betting Strategies: Don’t Play the Reputation of Big Conferences
This week that example is in play again as many novice bettors will play on the Vanderbilt Commodores. Vanderbilt is a good team and is part of the SEC. What will make them more attractive is that they played toe-to-toe with top ranked South Carolina on national television a week ago.

This week the Commodores travel to Northwestern to battle the Wildcats. Northwestern is not considered a glamorous team and will not get half of the attention or the betting action that Vanderbilt will get in this game.

That is why the game is played on the field.

Northwestern had a come from behind victory on the road in a hostile environment. That win will give this team confidence headed home to host Vanderbilt.

Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian excelled at quarterback and flashed the depth of this Wildcat team. The oddsmakers realize that this game will be closer than sports betting fans may think considering the Commodores are just three point favorites.

That is something that should get your attention and is yet another reason to ignore the big conference and play on the Wildcats.

Northwestern Wildcats +3