World Cup Betting: Brazil vs Netherlands

Brazil’s 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany in the World Cup semifinal was perhaps the lowest moment in the history of “futbol” in that country. The humiliation was so thorough that the team, and its fans, were moved to tears, but not before many of those fans booed the Brazilian players.

When you go behind 5-0 at the half against a team as formidable as the Germans, you know it’s all over, so you can imagine how long these guys had to endure the abuse.

If there is anything worse than losing that badly in front of all your fans (for the uninitiated, Brazil is the host country), it’s losing another game right after that. So VietBet customers can count on the fact that there will be a considerable amount of pressure on this team as it lines up for the third-place game, which is scheduled to get underway at 4 PM ET on Saturday at the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia.

The opponent is the Netherlands, which endured some heartbreak of its own by losing in the penalty kick phase to Argentina after playing to a scoreless tie through extra time. Some cited the presence of Jasper Cillessen in goal for that part of it, rather than Tim Krul, who was devilish but also outstanding in the penalty kick situation in the win over Costa Rica

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In the World Cup odds that have been placed on this game at VietBet, the home squad is favored:

The World Cup
Brazil vs. Netherlands (Third-Place Game)
Saturday, July 12 — 4 PM ET
Estadio Nacional, Brasilia

Brazil wins 3rd place -145
Netherlands wins 3rd place +130

(The following numbers involve 90 minutes and stoppage time only)

Betting Odds – Moneyline:
Brazil +118
Netherlands +235
Draw +283

Under 3 Goals -112
Over 3 Goals -103

If you’re from the United States, it’s pretty hard to imagine the kind of pressure the Brazilians are under. And the kind of heat coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is catching. As most World Cup odds bettors are aware, Neymar is missing from the lineup, the victim of a cracked vertebrae in his back. But that doesn’t mean his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, couldn’t come out swinging at Scolari, whom he referred to as “arrogant, repulsive, conceited and ridiculous.”

And now there are all kinds of questions being asked about the program itself. Aldo Rebelo, the sports minister of the country, is talking about “analyzing the root causes of this disaster….so this doesn’t happen again.” The bottom line is that Scolari, who won the 2002 World Cup, is on his way out as coach. He is expected to step out of the picture after the third-place game.

Fullback Dani Alves said that he “won’t be stained by a single match, or by the elimination.” Well, that shouldn’t be the case. And Scolari is emphatic that “there is still work to do,” which would seem to imply that ending things on a winning note is something that will carry at least some level of significance to the Brazilian side.

The good news along the lines of that pursuit is that Thiago Silva will be returning to the back line here after being suspended for the game against Germany.

More good signs, if you are a VietBet customer looking for them, come from Louis Van Gaal, coach of the Netherlands, who has gone on record time and again that he doesn’t even think this match should be played. He would probably find some support among American fans, inasmuch as third-place games seem to have been eliminated form the culture.

Van Gaal should take up his case with FIFA, which is motivated by another opportunity to sell some tickets. And with the host team in this game, that is a golden opportunity indeed.

For our purposes, it is worth noting that if Van Gaal’s attitude reflects that of his squad – which hasn’t scored a “regular” goal in its last two matches – or rubs off on it, there are hardly any overwhelming reasons to take the Dutch side. In terms of the ongoing propositions at VietBet, there are two players from Holland who have at least a feint chance to win the Golden Boot, which goes to the player with the most goals.

Arjen Robben is +11000 for the award, while Robin Van Persie is +14000. Robben is also +1600 in the World Cup odds to win the Golden Ball (in effect, the tournament MVP). The very fact that they are still listed is reflective, in a sense, of the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the Brazilian defense could blow up again like it did against Germany. If they keep crying about the last game, that is feasible, though we honestly doubt it.

Remember that you can continue to wager on the World Cup while the match is going on – just open an account at VietBet and find the tab that says “Live Betting Extra.” It will be like you died and went to heaven!

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